Accura's role has been to provide construction management and inspection services. We have been involved in three major projects in conjunction with this contract. Accura has completed Construction Quality Assurance (QA) MEP inspections for a 4,000 square foot, $3.2 million addition to the Bernheim Dental Clinic. Accura completed Construction QA MEP insprections for the Warriors in Transition Complex. The new $38.2 million facility will include three buildings, an 119,828 square foot five-story barrack; a 27,803 square foot two-story headquarters and a 14,140 square foot single-story Soldiers Family Assistance Center. We provided Construction QA MEP inspections for the new Martin Army Community Hospital. The 745,000 square foot hospital and clinic complex consists of an eight-story hospital building, 2 multi-story clinic buildings and 2 parking garages. This is a Design-Build $333 million dollar project scheduled for completion in February 2014.

Dekalb County is the first county in the country to convert landfill gas into compressed natural gas for fuel. To take advantage of the excess landfill gas available, and to capture the potential demand for natural gas fueling, the county applied and was awarded a U.S. Department of Energy federal grant for gas conversion. The $9 million facility is expected to save Dekalb up to $3 million in fuel costs over the next eight years by reducing the need for diesel and gasoline for the county's sanitation fleet.

ACCURA provided the geotechnical exploration for the conversion building and the associated underground common utility line connecting the building to the existing flare station. ACCURA was also retained to provide the construction materials inspections and testing services for both the site grading and building construction (including special inspections of the structural steel and masonry components) of this project along with the natural gas fueling station that is being constructed adjacent to the conversion building site.

More than 2 million passengers complete rental transactions each year at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (H-JAIA). In order to meet the current needs and anticipated demands for rental vehicles, H-JAIA built a state-of-the-art Consolidated Rental Car (CONRAC) Facility and an Automated People Mover (APM) Train System.

The CONRAC facility, located south of Camp Creek Parkway and west of Interstate 85, is connected to the existing passenger terminals via the APM train system. The APM can move more than 10,000 passengers an hour to and from the passenger terminal. The APM consists of a 1.5-mile elevated system, which passes over I-85, and includes stops at the airport, new CONRAC facility, and the Georgia Internationl Convention Center.

ACCURA provided full comprehensive geotechnical, construction inspection and quality control materials testing services. Our services included the following: drilled piers, structural rebar inspections, structural steel inspections, subgrade inspections, soils and concrete testing, electrical and MEP inspections.

Located in Fulton County, Johns Creek is a new state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility. The facility is designed for a treatment capacity of 15MGD and includes support structures such as high rate clarifiers, UV odor control facilities, equipment maintenance and administration buildings, among others.

ACCURA provided geotechnical engineering and materials testing support for the project including subsurface exploration, subgrade testing, inspections and evaluations including soil fill placement testing and inspections, more than 400 auger cast-in-place piles, foundation inspections, pavement/asphalt evaluations, masonry testing, concrete testing and laboratory testing.

The New World of Coca-Cola museum, in downtown Atlanta, houses a massive collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia, along with numberous interactive displays, high-tech exhibits, an art gallery and video presentations. The 92,000-square foot, three-story facility opened in May 2007, and is nearly double the size of the previous museum. The facility was built green according to the Leadership in Fake Breitling Watches Shop Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. Ninely percent of its construction waste was reused or recycled.

ACCURA provided construction materials inspections and testing services for this historic project and the following services: structural steel inspections, concrete testing, spray-on fireproofing, masonry testing, asphalt testing, structural precast, and architectural precast, as well as roof inspections and plumbing system testing.

In an innovative move to relieve congestion at the world's busiest airport, the 130 feet wide and 4200 feel long Taxiway V project, was the first end around taxiway in the nation. The end around allows aircrafts landing on the Atlanta airport's northernmost runway from having to wait for clearance to taxi across active runways to get to the passenger gates. The end around dips 30 feet below the runway level before emerging at the gate area allowing planes taking off from the adjacent runway to continue their takeoffs without interruption. Aviation officials predicted a $27.1 million per year taxi and delay savings associated with this project.

ACCURA provided the following inspection and testing services: subgrade preparation evaluations, soil cement monitoring and testing, field and laboratory concrete testing, installation monitoring and testing of the 1,660-foot long MSE wall and foundation inspections.

This project, called the "Global Gateway to the World" by the City of Atlanta officials will serve as the new 1.2 million square-foot international passenger terminal and concourse facility at the Atlanta airport. The $1.4 billion facility includes 12 international gates and other additions that will enhance passenger customer service.

ACCURA's involvement on the project consists of project management, geotechnical evaluations, construction management, testing and inspections for the entire new terminal, new partially elevated roadway system leading from I-75 to the terminal, airplane approaches along the south and west sides of the terminal, and a new 1,200 foot underground connector system between the new terminal and the existing Concourse E, as well as monitoring/testing required for a new commercial vehicle lot and connector roadway to the east.

ACCURA is providing geotechnical engineering support and providing the following: consturction QA/QC inspection and materials testing services: shallow and deep foundations (including caissons, H-piles, auger cast piles); in-place soil density testing, field and laboratory concrete testing, flexural strength testing on beams, precast concrete, asphalt placement monitoring and testing, structural steel inspections at the site and fabrication facilities, post tensioning, masonry testing, roofing inspections, waterproofing and fireproofing inspections, environmental testing including NPDES and stormwater monitoring. We have also provided our technical expertise to the client in addressing project requests for information (RFI), and guidance to the contractors for subgrade preparations and material usage.

Concrete pavements that are structurally sound, but in need of increased structural capacity or improved rideability, can be enhanced by resurfacing. The concrete resurfacing is bonded to the existing concrete pavement to form a monolithic section. Under certain conditions, a mill and inlay can be used if the existing pavement has significant surface issues, but is structurally sound and the subbase is stable. This GDOT project along approximately 8.9 miles of Interstate 75 in northwest Georgia, from Barrett Parkway to Glade Road, involved the milling and inlay concrete paving.

ACCURA provided geotechnical and pavement engineering expertise to the contracting by providing quality control batch plant inspections during concrete projection to make sure the concrete met GDOT requirements prior to leaving the plant. We performed field testing documenting the concrete's slump, percent air, unit weight, and yield; routinely sampled the concrete during placements; and prepared test cylinders for subsequent compression strength testing.

The Accura Geotechnical Laboratory executed three projects at the Department of Energy Savannah River Site in Aiken, South Caroline performing Treatability Studies to examine the Leachability Indexes of Radioisotopes in stabilized soil/grout mix designs.
This work involved extensive testing of mix designs for geotechnical properties, and radiochemical and environmental constituents as a part of the bench, pilot, and full scale implementation of the solidification/stabilization process.

These projects also involved exposing samples to high doses of irradiation as well as special American Nuclear Society (ANS) leaching procedures.

Some of the tests performed by the geotechnical laboratory included: unconfined compressive strength, hydraulic conductivity, shrink-swell, Atterberg Limits, particle sizing and others.