Georgia I-75 / SR 401 Pavement Replacement

Concrete pavements that are structurally sound, but in need of increased structural capacity or improved rideability, can be enhanced by resurfacing. The concrete resurfacing is bonded to the existing concrete pavement to form a monolithic section. Under certain conditions, a mill and inlay can be used if the existing pavement has significant surface issues, but is structurally sound and the subbase is stable. This GDOT project along approximately 8.9 miles of Interstate 75 in northwest Georgia, from Barrett Parkway to Glade Road, involved the milling and inlay concrete paving.

ACCURA provided geotechnical and pavement engineering expertise to the contracting by providing quality control batch plant inspections during concrete projection to make sure the concrete met GDOT requirements prior to leaving the plant. We performed field testing documenting the concrete's slump, percent air, unit weight, and yield; routinely sampled the concrete during placements; and prepared test cylinders for subsequent compression strength testing.