Landfill Gas to Renewal Natural Gas Conversion System

Dekalb County is the first county in the country to convert landfill gas into compressed natural gas for fuel. To take advantage of the excess landfill gas available, and to capture the potential demand for natural gas fueling, the county applied and was awarded a U.S. Department of Energy federal grant for gas conversion. The $9 million facility is expected to save Dekalb up to $3 million in fuel costs over the next eight years by reducing the need for diesel and gasoline for the county's sanitation fleet.

ACCURA provided the geotechnical exploration for the conversion building and the associated underground common utility line connecting the building to the existing flare station. ACCURA was also retained to provide the construction materials inspections and testing services for both the site grading and building construction (including special inspections of the structural steel and masonry components) of this project along with the natural gas fueling station that is being constructed adjacent to the conversion building site.