Taxiway V - End Around Taxiway

In an innovative move to relieve congestion at the world's busiest airport, the 130 feet wide and 4200 feel long Taxiway V project, was the first end around taxiway in the nation. The end around allows aircrafts landing on the Atlanta airport's northernmost runway from having to wait for clearance to taxi across active runways to get to the passenger gates. The end around dips 30 feet below the runway level before emerging at the gate area allowing planes taking off from the adjacent runway to continue their takeoffs without interruption. Aviation officials predicted a $27.1 million per year taxi and delay savings associated with this project.

ACCURA provided the following inspection and testing services: subgrade preparation evaluations, soil cement monitoring and testing, field and laboratory concrete testing, installation monitoring and testing of the 1,660-foot long MSE wall and foundation inspections.