ACCURA provides quality professional engineering services for the purpose of supporting consulting engineering firms, architects, contractors, developers, and government agencies. We have built a solid reputation throughout for providing competent support services to design and construction professionals involved in various projects.


  arrow 12px Water/Wastewater System Design
  arrow 12px Water Supply/Storage Design
  arrow 12px Force Main Design
  arrow 12px Pumping Station Design
  arrow 12px Water Transmission/Distribution Design
  arrow 12px USACE NWP 12 Permitting


  arrow 12px Geotechnical and Geological Studies
  arrow 12px Subsurface Explorations
  arrow 12px Foundation Design and Recommendations
  arrow 12px Slope Stability Analysis
  arrow 12px Dewatering Recommendation and Design
  arrow 12px Earth Retaining Systems Design
  arrow 12px Specification Development
  arrow 12px Site Specific Seismic Studies
  arrow 12px Foundation Inspection
  arrow 12px Soil Stabilization Design
  arrow 12px Bridge Foundation Studies


  arrow 12px Pavement Design and Material Characterization
  arrow 12px Pavement Evaluation
  arrow 12px Site Characterization and Design Recommendations
  arrow 12px Surface and Subsurface Exploration (Coring/Boring)
  arrow 12px Structural Evaluation (Falling weight deflectometer)
  arrow 12px Functional Evaluation (distress surveys, smoothness and friction parameters) 


  arrow 12px Inspections (Soil, Subgrade, Concrete, Asphalt, Steel)
  arrow 12px Site Preparation and Earthwork Monitoring
  arrow 12px Construction Materials Testing
  arrow 12px Roadway Testing Technicians (GDOT RTT)
  arrow 12px Asphalt QCT (GDOT)


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