Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering, a specialized branch of civil engineering dealing with the properties and science of soil, rock and water, is a multi-disciplinary field that blends scientific analyses with the experience of the engineer to find practical solutions to problems encountered during planning, design and construction phases of the project.
Our professional staff has numerous years of combined experience in conducting geotechnical engineering services. Some of those services include:
  arrow 12px Geotechnical and Geological Studies
  arrow 12px Subsurface Explorations
  arrow 12px Foundation Design and Recommendations
  arrow 12px Slope Stability Analysis
  arrow 12px Dewatering Recommendation and Design
  arrow 12px Earth Retaining Systems Design
  arrow 12px Specification Development
  arrow 12px Site Specific Seismic Studies
  arrow 12px Foundation Inspection
  arrow 12px Soil Stabilization Design
  arrow 12px Bridge Foundation Studies

Geotechnical pl