Construction Project Manager

Job Title: Construction Manager

Seeking construction manager. This position will work closely with the field office, client, individual contractors and senior management to ensure the company's vision and processes are reflected in the quality of our performance.


Oversee and direct construction projects from conception to completion.
Perform a key role in project planning, budgeting and identification of resources needed.
• Administer distribution of plans and specifications to subcontractors and coordinate overall subcontractor solicitation process.
Select appropriate subcontrators, materials, equipment and track inventory.
• Negotiate terms of agreements with subcontractors and issue subcontracts and purchase orders.
• Oversee all onsite and offsite construction to monitor compliance with building and safety regulations
• Meet contractual conditions of performance.
• Report and review the work progress on daily basis.
• Work closely with field superintendent and quality control manager.
Collaborate with architects, engineers, and other construction specialists.
• Prepare internal and external reports pertaining to job status.
• Assist with verification and timely processing of subcontractor pay requests.
• Maintain the Submittal Log and coordinate the orderly and expeditious approval by architect/engineer of all necessary submittals (shop drawings, samples, catalog cuts, etc.).
• Maintain accurate Change Order Log and track review/approval by architect and owner.
• Ensure that construction activities move according to pre-determined schedule.
• Assembly of close out documents (as-built drawings, operating manuals, shop drawings, guarantees).
Respond to work delays, emergencies, and other problems.
• Ensure quality construction standards and use of proper construction techniques.
• Comply with legal requirements, building and safety codes, and other regulations.

• BS degree in related field preferred.
• Federal government project experience preferred.
• Proven working experience in fields of construction or construction management
• Advanced knowledge of construction management processes including construction methodologies, reading blueprints and understand other technical aspects of construction
• Leadership and human resources management skills
• Excellent time and project management skills
• Very organized, dependable, and professional

COMPENSATION: Salary rate is negotiable.


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