Geospatial Services

Our staff provides complete Geospatial/Land Surveying?GIS services that include the following:

ALTA Boundary & Topographic Surveys | Transportation & Design Surveys |  Utility Surveys | Construction Surveys

ALTA Boundary & Topographic Surveys
ACCURA understands Boundary Surveying and has the experience to prepare legal documents for complicated real estate transactions or to simply establish existing property lines. ACCURA has experience subdividing, combining, or reszoning property per applicable County requirements. ACCURA understands detailed Topographic Surveys and the important of accurate and complete data. Quality assurance procedures and experience provide our clients with the information they need to move forward with their project.

Transportation & WWW Design Surveys
ACCURA survey staff has been working with the design community in the southeastern United States for decades. We understand the importance or and accurate design database, delivered on a timely basis, to the client Cadd specifications. Our surveys will exceed the client expectations in delivery content and digital structure. Data will be displayed clearly, correctly and include helpful information perhaps outside the scope but key to the design.

Utility Surveys
ACCURA survey staff understands how to perform a utility survey. We understand the accuracy required. We have the tools needed and the safety procedures in place to assure our client of an efficiently run project. ACCURA survey staff have platted hundreds of mile of gas and electric right of way and easements.

Construction Surveys
ACCURA survey staff understands how to sequentially and correctly stake out a site for construction. Our experience is inclusive of record surveys, settlement / deformation surveys, and pay out surveys. Our procedures are inclusive of quality control reviews with each stake we put in the ground. Our experience is with almost everything in the built environment.

Our Surveyors are equipped with Leica Robotic Total Stations, GPS and 3D scanners in order to provide our clients with the most efficient, accurate and capable field data collection in the industry. Our project delivery Cadd / computer solutions are inclusive of TerraModel, AutoCad Civil 3D, Microstation, InRoads, 3D point clouds, ArcGIS, and BIM.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a Geospatial product that exceeds expectation.