Atlanta BeltLine

Surveying / SUE

Accura delivered ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys for 30 parcels along or adjacent along a 4.5-mile abandon CSX Transportation (CSXT) rail corridor about 2 miles south and east of downtown Atlanta between of Murphy Avenue and Glenwood Road. Numerous roads cross the alignment including US 19/41, I-75/85 and SR 54. Accura began the project by establishing project control referencing the 1983/94 North American Datum and the 1988 North American Vertical Datum. Accura also collected topographic and utility data along the corridor. Terrestrial static LiDAR scanning was used to collect data under the I-75/85 bridge.

The survey was complicated by the railroad having been abandoned and the rails removed, or original rails removed and replaced by rail not centered or related to the original right-of-way. Also, the original railroad deeds were granted in the late 1890s. The survey required the reconstruction of the CSX and the adjoining owner’s property requiring the resolution of numerous conflicts.


Atlanta, GA