Beaver Ruin Creek Greenway


Pedestrian Bridge and Board Walk Foundation Investigation

Location: Georgia Transportation, Beaver Ruin Greenway, Gwinnett County, GA

Accura was contracted by Clark Patterson Lee to perform a foundation investigation and report that met Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) guidelines and format for the construction of a bridge and board walk at the site located in the area called Beaver Ruin Creek Greenway. The project location is an undeveloped section that will include two bridges and two boardwalk sections. Two pedestrian bridges will be constructed. The first bridge will be 60 feet long and run over an unnamed tributary to Beaver Ruin Creek. The second bridge will be 160 feet long over the creek with boardwalk located in a wetland crossing.

During the field investigation, borings were taken from depths ranging from 5 to 30 feet. The report included: a summary of the foundation investigation; Special Provision 520-Piling; Special Provision 523-Dyanmic Pile Testing; a description of field exploration procedures, and analytical data. Subsurface features were characterized and the range of depth to the partially weathered rock (PWR) and groundwater were presented in the report. All work was completed under the direct supervision of a registered professional geotechnical engineer.


Atlanta, Georgia


Clark Patterson Lee