Boulevard Crossing Park


Agency Landscape + Planning contracted Accura to conduct a geotechnical subsurface exploration at Boulevard Crossing Park. The planned development will consist of a new park, which includes a park maintenance facility with a footprint of approximately 3,966 sf, two rest room buildings near by the soccer field and football field, and  a pavilion with a mechanical pump room with associated parking areas and retaining wall. A precast concrete board walk, bike rack, precast concrete wall, concrete paving for vehicle, soccer field and football field will also be constructed on the area of the site. Accura’s scope of work included:

1) Provide general descriptions of the subsurface soil and groundwater conditions at the site

2) Provide foundation and floor slab design recommendations for proposed buildings

3) Provide foundation recommendations for the concrete board walk and the retaining walls

4) Provide pavement section design recommendations for the planned parking and drive areas

5) Comment on the site development aspects of the proposed construction related to cut and fill across the area to be developed.

The subsurface exploration program consisted of seventeen Standard Penetration Test (SPT) borings. The borings were advanced to termination depths ranging from 15 feet to 25 feet below the existing ground surface near the proposed buildings footprint, overlook area, skate park, soccer and football field, board walk, retaining walls footprint, dog park area, and parking and driveway area.

After field testing and data collection, a report was prepared to include report presents our understanding of the project, reviews our exploration procedures, describes the general subsurface conditions at the boring locations, and presents our evaluations, conclusions, and recommendations. All work was completed under the direct supervision of a registered professional geotechnical engineer.


Atlanta, Fulton County, GA


Agency Landscape and Planning