Canopies at North and South Terminal, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Surveying / SUE

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Landside Modernization (LMOD) project adds arrivals/departures canopies over the roadway at the North and South terminals, renovation of the North, South, and West vestibule entries, and significant interior renovations to ticketing, baggage claim, security, vertical circulation cores, main atrium, and lower level tunnels at both North and South terminals. Accura performed the surveying scope of work, which consisted of the following items:

  • Located the column extension locations on existing and provide CAD file to share with successful steel fabricator.
  • Located and provided as-built information for any site utilities that rerouted during the enabling phase.
  • Provided additional scans of existing conditions or field verifications as required by the drawings and specifications.

Detailed Scope

  • Recovered and verified Airport Control.
  • Ran conventional traverse through the concrete islands on the North and South Concourse levels to verify control and establish control to be transferred to the roof levels.
  • Ran digital level loops through existing and established control to achieve a ¼” accuracy.
  • Prepared an error analysis report.

Roof Curb and As Built Scope

  • Field verified column locations on the Concourse Level on the North and South Terminals.
  • Transferred control to the roof level from the Concourse Island control.
  • Compared the column location provide by others to field locations.
  • Staked 19 column locations on the North side and 19 column locations on the South side based on the results of 2.d, so that the tops of the columns are uncovered.
  • Provided as built column locations and elevations.

Secondary Control

  • Established 6 to 8 control points at preapproved locations on the South and North Side Apron Level. Control points will be concrete nails driven into concrete joints.
  • A control drawing was created with control location, picture, pertinent recovery information, coordinates and elevations.
  • Conventional traverse and digitals levels were run at the same time as the control effort in 1.d. & e and incorporated into the overall project control network
  • A report outlining differences between plans and as built locations was submitted to NSMS after each mobilization.

Atlanta, GA