Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)


In implementing the CDC Chamblee 2020 Master Plan, there are several buildings to be constructed at the Chamblee facility that are located on the property owned by the CDC and US Government. The buildings to be constructed include:

  • A 13-story office building located near existing Building 107
  • Parking Deck addition, a multi-story parking deck similar to adjacent parking decks
  • One story lab approximately 10,000 sf support building
  • A one story 1,000 sf guardhouse
  • Vehicle surface parking lot near construction site with 100 capacity
  • Security Drive extended east to Fifth Avenue from existing Building 107

Prior to construction, geotechnical/subsurface soils testing were necessary for these construction sites. Accura was awarded the contract to complete the geotechnical testing effort and report development. Field investigations were conducted that consisted of a subsurface investigation, characterization of subsurface materials, borings, rock cores (including depth to rock), laboratory testing and analyses. Work was performed in accordance with ASTM D1586.

Once the data was collected, Accura developed a comprehensive geotechnical report that summarized the subsurface exploration and laboratory testing programs, site characterization, engineering analyses and recommendations for the geotechnical design and construction aspects of the planned facilities. An analysis of the existing site conditions was also contained in the report that included information such as surface drainage conditions and groundwater conditions and associated design or construction issues. All work was completed under the direct supervision of a registered professional geotechnical engineer.


CDC Chamblee Campus, Atlanta, GA


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)