NASA Marshall Space Flight Center


Facilities Engineering Design and Inspection Services

Location: Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL

Accura is performing architectural and engineering design as well as construction management and inspection services at the facility, which has more than 250 buildings on a campus encompassing approximately 1840 acres with 4,500,000 of total square footage of all buildings. Of that total, Accura provided service to 3,400,000 SF of building space. The facilities include highly specialized laboratories, advanced propulsion/payload test facilities, engine test facilities, structural test facilities, vacuum chambers, wind tunnels, and office buildings. Accura is the only on-site contractor at the facility providing design, commissioning and construction phase services. In addition to the projects designed by Accura, all facilities under construction or renovation are being inspected by our team. Construction Value: $157M


Huntsville, AL